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  • Do you accept walk-ins?
    Absolutely. Bring in your computer and we’ll be happy to assist you. However we do prioritize appointments.
  • Do I need to schedule an appointment?
    It's up to you. However we do prioritize appointments over walk-ins.
  • How do I schedule an appointment?
    Go to Apple Support to schedule an appointment for our location.
  • What do I have to bring for my appointment?
    Usually just the device itself. However if you having issues with any peripherals, such as a charger etc, then please bring them.
  • How can I tell what coverage I have on my device?
    Click here for the link that directs you to Apple’s warranty checker. It is going to have you to type in the serial number for your individual device​. You may also call or stop by the store and we can provide you with that information.
  • What is involved in your diagnostics procedures?
    We do full hardware and software diagnostics, testing each individual component for faults or damage. We will also disassemble your computer when necessary to get to the root of any issue.
  • About how long will it take for my computer to be fixed?
    If a Mac repair requires a replacement part after diagnosis, the part has to be ordered from Apple. Each situation is unique however typically we receive our parts within 2-3 business days from placing the order, so we can usually turn a repair around in 3-5 days.
  • Do you offer any kind of rush service or any way to get my computer diagnosed and fixed faster?
    Yes we do, it's completely optional. There is an additional charge for this service.
  • What if I can’t leave my device with you?
    Well we need enough time to run the mandatory diagnostics to properly diagnose your device's issue. If your device is in need of a repair, it will take additional time. So if you can't leave it please bring it back at a more convenient time.
  • Do you charge by the hour?
    We do not charge by the hour. We generally charge by the individual service we perform.
  • Do you offer a warranty on services or parts you provide?
    We offer a 90-day warranty on all new parts, repairs, and labor. Depending on the part, a manufacturer warranty may apply.
  • What is an Apple Authorized Service Provider?
    Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP) are businesses which have been specifically approved by Apple to provide repair services to Apple devices. AASPs can only use genuine parts, sourced direct from Apple and all technicians are required to undergo the same training as Apple Geniuses.
  • My computer is having issues. Where do I begin?
    Start by giving us a call at (808) 494-6395, or by scheduling an appointment to bring in your device. One of our technicians will gladly give you a quick, free consultation, but we recommend checking on your computer so we can perform a full diagnostics regimen.
  • Liquid just came in contact with my computer. What should I do?
    Turn off computer immediately, unplug from power source/ charging cable, DO NOT TURN ON (it can fry your computer), bring your computer ASAP. The sooner you bring in system the better chance you have at reviving it. However it is not a guarantee.
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